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Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - Warm HearthGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$350
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - The North StarGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$500
Fantasy/KrullKrull - Quest #2Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$750
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - The Elves Welcome YouGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$750
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - Toy SoldierGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$750
Entertainment/WrestlingUndertaker and Stone Cold compGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$800
Harry Potter/Trading Card ArtProtection from HeWhoShallNotBeNamedGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$850
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - Cast of CharactersGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1000
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - Elves CheerGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahTiny Flickering LightsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1000
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - FrontispieceGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1500
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahMagic of DreydlGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1500
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahMi YemalelGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1500
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahMy DreydlGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1500
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahYmey HaHanukahGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1500
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahKindle the TaperGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$2000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahThe Joy of GivingGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$2000
Religious/ReligiousIn the GardenGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$2000
Classics/Davy and the GoblinCow with a Crumpled HornGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$2500
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahMattathiasGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$2500
Classic Cars/AutomobilesReflections of the Past- 1956 Bel AirGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classic Cars/AutomobilesSilver Streak- 1951 Pontiac ChiefGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/Alice In WonderlandBil the LizardGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/Alice In WonderlandThe Owl & the PantherGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/Davy and the GoblinRobinson Crusoe Keeps WatchGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/Davy and the GoblinThe Elastic SpringGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/Davy and the GoblinThe Layovers Are Set FreeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/DraculaArthur Loses Lucy ForeverGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/DraculaDr. Van Helsing Uncovers the NightmareGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/DraculaNightmare or RealityGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/DraculaThe Borga PassGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Classics/Phantom of the OperaComforting a FriendGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Entertainment/FantasyQEDGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - By the Chimney with CareGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - Visions of Sugar PlumsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahBlessings Over the LightsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Childrens Art/AladdinThe Door to the TreasureGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Childrens Art/AladdinThe Evil WizardGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Childrens Art/AladdinThe Genie of the LampGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Classics/Alice In WonderlandThe FootmenGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Classics/Phantom of the OperaThe Counts ComplaintGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Classics/Phantom of the OperaThe Persians SilenceGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Classics/PinocchioSwallowed by the DogfishGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Classics/PoeCandlelightGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Classics/PoeSubstitution of the HeartGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Classics/PoeThe Black Cat -The Eyes of DeathGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Classics/Wizard of OZThe Kalidahs AttackGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Fantasy/Book CoverMountains of ChannadranGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Fantasy/Book CoverThe Troll`s GrindstoneGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Classics/DraculaThe CrossGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3800
Classics/Davy and the GoblinDavy Meets Robin HoodGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/Davy and the GoblinDavy Meets the CockalourumGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/Davy and the GoblinThe Hole Keeper`s VacuumGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/DraculaArthur Frees His Loves SoulGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/DraculaThe Count Takes MinaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/DraculaThe Demonic Fury of DraculaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/DraculaThe Pillar of MistGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/Fairy TalesPolyphemus, the CyclopsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/Fairy TalesRumplestiltskinGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/Peter PanSecret House UndergroundGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/Peter PanTinkerbell on a Leaf.Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/Phantom of the OperaThe Fiery VisageGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Classics/PoeRevengeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahSpecial TreatsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4000
Marvel/Comic Book CoverTreasure Island Cover #6Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4500
Childrens Art/AladdinThe Treasure VaultGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Alice In WonderlandIn the Dutchess`s KitchenGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Collector Plate ArtRomeo and JulietGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Davy and the GoblinDavy Rescues the Old Sea DogGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Davy and the GoblinFeather Duster ForestGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/DraculaThe Count Destroys RenfieldGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/DraculaThe Count PerishesGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/DraculaThe Loss of a FriendGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Gods and GoddessesZeusGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Peter PanThe Final FightGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Phantom of the OperaPreparing to Stalk the PhantomGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Phantom of the OperaThe Lovers are Torn ApartGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/PinocchioDonkey on DisplayGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/PinocchioGorilla JudgeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/PoeOval Portrait - Deaths PeaceGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/PoeThe Pit and The PendulumGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/PoeThe Premature BurialGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Wizard of OZScarecrow Meets OzGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Fantasy/MerlinThe Prince of DarknessGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahLighting the First CandleGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahThe MenhoraGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Illustrated Books/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - Santa and UnicornGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Kid Stuff/PhotorealismUncle Sam - Carnival Prize 1942Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Magic The Gathering/FantasyMagic the Gathering: Questing DruidGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Magic The Gathering/FantasyNurturing RabbitGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Marvel/Comic Book CoverTreasure Island Cover #3Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Marvel/Comic Book CoverTreasure Island Cover #5Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Classics/Phantom of the OperaRaoul Faces the PhantomGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5500
Classics/PoeDr. Tarr & Professor FeatherGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5500
Fantasy/MerlinThe Betrayal at TintagelGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5500
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - Deck the HallsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5500
Classics/Fairy TalesHansel And GretelGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classics/Gods and GoddessesHeraGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classics/Peter PanThe Darlings Dance In the NurseryGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classics/Phantom of the OperaThe Dancers DismayGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classics/PinocchioBlue Fairy in DisguiseGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classics/Robin HoodHand to Hand FightingGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classics/Robin HoodRobin and MarianGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classics/Robin HoodStraight Flew His Answering ShaftGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classics/Robin HoodThus Was Master Middle Left in the LurchGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Fairy Tales/Gods and GoddessesApolloGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Fantasy/MerlinThe Giants DanceGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Fantasy/MerlinThe ProphesyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - CoverGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - Santa PointsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - The Baby Lies in a MangerGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Holidays/A Christmas TreasuryA Christmas Treasury - Tidings of Great JoyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahMiracle of the Holy LampsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classics/PinocchioThe Great CrabGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6500
Classics/Wizard of OZArmy of OZGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6500
Classics/PinocchioMagic Wood SpeaksGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$7000
Classics/PoeAnnabel LeeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$7000
Classics/Robin HoodMan and WifeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$7000
Classics/Alice In WonderlandAlice & the PigeonGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/DraculaJohnathan Dreams of the VampiresGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/DraculaThe Circle of the HostGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/Peter PanPeter Wakens Mrs. DarlingGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/PinocchioAt The Red CrawfishGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/PinocchioFire Eater the TyrantGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/PinocchioGeppetto Rescues PinocchioGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/PoeDream in a DreamGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/Robin HoodFigure of a Tall Black KnightGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/Wizard of OZInside the Gates of OzGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/Wizard of OZWinkies Repair the TinmanGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Comic Art/Comic Book CoverGatecrasherGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Comic Art/Comic Book CoverWarlord of Mars Attacks Issue 5 CoverGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Entertainment/WrestlingStone Cold vs the UndertakerGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Fantasy/Calendar ArtMithras and the White BullGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Fantasy/MerlinThe DragonGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Fantasy/MerlinThe Holy GrailGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahDeath of MattathiasGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahMattathias Pulls Down the AltarGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Kid Stuff/Gallery PieceAtomic Disintegrator Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Marvel/Comic Book CoverTreasure Island Cover #4Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Pinup Art/7th EditionBlonde TigerGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Portraits/PortraitsGreg Hildebrandt Self-PortraitGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Classics/Robin HoodHe Bore a Golden HarpGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8500
Marvel/Comic Book CoverTreasure Island Cover #1Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8500
Classics/DraculaA View of HorrorGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$9000
Classics/Robin HoodA RescueGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$9000
Classics/Robin HoodArrested for TreasonGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$9000
Classics/Phantom of the OperaThe Grand FoyerGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$9500
Classics/Phantom of the OperaThe Unexpected GuestGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$9500
Classic Cars/AutomobilesRhapsody in Blue 1931 CadillacGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Classics/Davy and the GoblinPeeking in at Mother HubbardGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Classics/Phantom of the OperaThe Secret PassageGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Classics/Robin HoodPrince JohnGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Classics/Wizard of OZDorothy Melts the WitchGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Classics/Wizard of OZThe China ClownGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Classics/Wizard of OZToto Discovers OzGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Comic Art/Comic Book CoverConan the Barbarian - Marvel CoverGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Entertainment/CelebritiesMichael JacksonGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahIdol of King AntiochusGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Holidays/Treasures of ChanukahJudah Maccabee Battles the LionGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Horror/Pinup ArtVampire Blood LustGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Kid Stuff/Gallery PieceBloody EyesGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Personal Art/FantasyTarzan Rescues Jane From the GorillaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtAV FuelGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtDaddy's Little GirlGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtJenniferGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtSheer EleganceGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Classics/Wizard of OZTin Man`s HeartGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$12000
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantisGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$12000
Marvel/Comic Book CoverDead Man Logan - Marvel CoverGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$12000
Marvel/Comic Book CoverMarvel - Old Man Logan CoverGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$12000
Classics/Gods and GoddessesThe VikingsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Classics/PinocchioTo the Land of the BoobiesGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Classics/Robin HoodOur Duty to Help Each OtherGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Classics/Wizard of OZWicked Witch of the WestGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Fantasy/Heavy MetalHeavy Metal Issue 317 - Neon Genesis by Steve Aoki CoverGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Kid Stuff/Gallery PieceSpace OutlawGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Marvel/Comic ArtDeath of X - Marvel CoverGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Marvel/Comic ArtInhumans - Marvel CoverGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Marvel/Comic ArtThor - MalikethGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Marvel/Comic Book CoverDaredevil vs KingpinGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Marvel/Comic Book CoverSpider-Man Vs The Green Goblin MarvelGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtLady in RedGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtOverheatedGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtSmokin HotGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Pinup Art/PortraitsMarilyn Monroe - River of No ReturnGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Religious/Collector Plate ArtMichael the ArchangelGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Classics/Robin HoodThe Men of SherwoodGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$16000
Classics/PinocchioPinocchio Tells a LieGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Classics/Robin HoodHis Men Bent ReverentlyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtBlack WidowGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtBreathlessGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtHotel NightsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtMahoganyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtMoonlight SerenadeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtNew Orleans Night LifeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtStorm WarningGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtTop HatGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtTribute to GypsyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18000
Classics/Robin HoodHave At YouGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Fantasy/Commissioned ArtWizards CouncilGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Kid Stuff/Science Fiction21st CenturyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtEye CandyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtKeep em FlyingGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtPleasure ChestGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Classics/DraculaLust for the UndeadGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Classics/PinocchioPinocchio Runs AwayGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Classics/Robin HoodDay Dawned Clear and BrightGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Comic Art/The Dark SideAgainst All OddsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Comic Art/The Dark SideI'll Die LaughingGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Comic Art/The Dark SideKiss Ya or Kill YaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Fantasy/Heavy MetalThe Mermaids PassionGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Fantasy/TolkienBattle for the Rift - 2023 Tolkien Calendar Centerfold Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtCrazy HorseGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtLove at First Sight - Shelby CobraGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Portraits/CelebritiesMichelle and President Barack ObamaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Portraits/CelebritiesThe KennedysGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Portraits/ReligiousBishop Fulton SheenGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Religious/ReligiousTribute to PietaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Marvel/Poster ArtCaptain America vs Red SkullGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$28000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtLa Dolce VitaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$28000
Comic Art/X MENMarvel X-Men 9 BlockGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$35000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtAmerican BeautyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$35000
Pinup Art/pinup artRed Light Poker Tournament FinalGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$35000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtShowtimeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$35000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtStardust MemoriesGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$35000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtThe Yellow Rose of TexasGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$35000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtYankee Doodle SweetheartGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$35000
Tolkien/Commissioned ArtGift of the Elf QueenGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$35000
DC/Comic Book CoverThe SpectreGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$40000
Kid Stuff/PhotorealismThe Doody BrothersGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$40000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtEmerald EveningGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$40000
DC/Comic ArtDC Characters PanoramaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$45000
Marvel/Comic ArtMarvel Character PanoramaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$45000
Fantasy/FantasyAngel and DevilGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$50000
Fantasy/Heavy MetalHeavy Metal Retrospective Book Cover, Rizzoli Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$50000
Pinup Art/Pinup ArtLido de ParisGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$55000
Personal Art/Dream ImageDream #1: The Crucifiers Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$60000
Tolkien/Product Art   Chess baseGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$45
Childrens Art/Childrens Book Ill.   Rutherford RaccoonGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$125
Childrens Art/Childrens Book Ill.   Rutherford Raccoon -2Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$125
Magic The Gathering/Kamigawa   Blinding PowderGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$160
Magic The Gathering/Ravnica   Sword of the ParunsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$204
Magic The Gathering/Ravnica   Gruul SignetGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$228
Fantasy/Gallery Piece   PrometheusGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$250
Pinup Art/pinup art   Heaven SentGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$250
Pinup Art/pinup art   Pedal PushersGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$250
Magic The Gathering/Ravnica   Izzet SignetGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$267
Fantasy/Krull   Krull - character DesignGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$300
Fantasy/Krull   Krull - GlaiveGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$300
Magic The Gathering/Coldsnap   Karplusan WolverineGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$300

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