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Lust for the Undead

Lust for the Undead, Greg Hildebrandt
Lust for the Undead

Greg Hildebrandt
29.5 X 38 inches


In the tale of “Dracula” there is one power he possesses that everyone knows about – his ability to seduce his victims. In this painting we see him doing just that with Mina Harker, the woman who would eventually help bring his downfall. At this moment, however, it is clear who is in control. The night is cloudy and haunting, the woman completely under Dracula’s spell, and we see Mina’s utter surrender to this force of darkness.

Published by Unicorn Publishing
Acrylic on board.
Created by Greg Hildebrandt in 1985.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
FRAMED: 29.5” x 38.5”