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Kiss Ya or Kill Ya

Kiss Ya or Kill Ya, Greg Hildebrandt
Kiss Ya or Kill Ya

Greg Hildebrandt


Since Greg Hildebrandt began his ‘Kid Stuff’ series in 2014, he has become fascinated by the idea of painting giant sized portraits of his favorite comic book characters. He is particularly interested in the darker characters, and as a result, he has named this new series, ‘The Dark Side’. Greg believes that every character—good or bad—has a dark side worth exploring.

This is the second painting in the series. Greg couldn't imagine doing a painting of the Joker without eventually painting Harley as well. Harley is the epitome of instability, and even when she looks cute and flirty, one never knows whether she's going to kiss you with her luscious lips, or kill you with her giant hammer! One cannot resist the temptation to find out!

Created in November 2015.
Acrylic on canvas.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
FRAMED SIZE: 43" x 54"