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Conan the Barbarian - Marvel Cover

Conan the Barbarian - Marvel Cover, Greg Hildebrandt
Conan the Barbarian - Marvel Cover

Greg Hildebrandt
25 x 35


The greatest of the Cimerians is coming back to Marvel Comics!!! Conan The Barbarian ran as a comic for nearly 25 years from 1970 to 1995 and is now returning to his original comic home over at Marvel.
Greg was commissioned to create this painting to be used as a cover in the near future for Marvel. Feel the electricity as the ferocious barbarian stands over his fallen enemy. Feel the heat as you gaze into his deep eyes. This piece is the perfect example of what makes Conan one of, if not the most recognizable character in all of comics, movies and literature. We swear by Crom that this piece fully captures what it means to be the King of The Cimerians!

Acrylic on Canvas
Image Size: 25" X 35"
Framed Size: 28" X 39.5"
Created in June 2018.
Signed By Greg Hildebrandt