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Have At You

Have At You, Greg Hildebrandt
Have At You

Greg Hildebrandt
25 X 37 inches


Adapted from J. Walker McSpadden’s “Robin Hood and His Merry Outlaws” story, Greg Hildebrandt created the 1989 Illustrated Classic, “Robin Hood.” The book contained 21 full color painted illustrations and 13 black and white pencil illustrations that absolutely take the reader’s breath away.

Greg Hildebrandt created an entire world in his illustrations. This painting, “Have At You” takes us right into the moment. Robin is going back and forth with Little John in their famous friendly duel! For the better part of an hour, these two skilled men went back and forth before Robin was bested and found himself dazed and falling face first in the water! This would be the beginning of a great bond between the two men, and a great mutual respect. Despite his loss, Robin put up one heck of a fight, a quality that Little John appreciated.

Both men stand playful but determined under the shadows of the trees around them. The warm sunlight and rich greenery make the setting ever more inviting. This fantasy feels like a real place the viewer would like to visit, perhaps meeting the legend himself!

Acrylic on board.
Created in 1989.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
FRAMED SIZE: 29” x 42”