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Fantasy/Commissioned ArtMystery Cover Commission sketch #1Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$100
Fantasy/Commissioned ArtMystery cover commission sketch #2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$200
Cool Stuff/Commissioned ArtMichael Jackson - concept sketch #14Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Fantasy/Commissioned ArtWizards CouncilGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Tolkien/Commissioned ArtGift of the Elf QueenGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$35000
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Dr StrangeGreg HildebrandtComic Art - Pencil$500
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Catwoman and Batman - Final SketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Kraven The HunterGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   ThanosGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Two-FaceGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Marvel/Commissioned Art   Hulk Universal ride sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   Supergirl CommissionGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Portraits/Commissioned Art   AMBER - Make-a-Wish Fairy SketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Black LordGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$65
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   The Little PeopleGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$65
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   WizardGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$65
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   White Queen Commission sketch 2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$85
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   AttackedGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$95
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   ChainedGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$95
Star Wars/Commissioned Art   Darth Vader Attacks - Commission SketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$100
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   SeductionGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$200
Marvel/Commissioned Art   Galactus Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$200
Marvel/Commissioned Art   LokiGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$200
Marvel/Commissioned Art   MagnetoGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$200
Tolkien/Commissioned Art   Battle of the Peak - Sketch Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$200
DC/Commissioned Art   Wonder WomanGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$300
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Dr. Doom Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Entertainment/Commissioned Art   Creature From the Black Lagoon - Commission Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   DylanGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Jake at the LakeGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Hall of FireBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$650
Star Wars/Commissioned Art   Darth Vader V Darth Maul V Emperor PalpatineGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$1000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Red Sonja CommissionHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$150
Entertainment/Commissioned Art   Holly Golightly Commissions: NYCC SPECIALHolly GolightlyMixed Medium$250
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   GypsyGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$400
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Staying TogetherGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$500
DC/Commissioned Art   Krypto Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$600
Portraits/Commissioned Art   FrancescaGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$750
Portraits/Commissioned Art   StevenGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$750
Portraits/Commissioned Art   EJ Wedding PresentGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Sword of Shannara Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Marvel/Commissioned Art   The Thing - Black BoardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   Late Night Fun - Black BoardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Andy's DogGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Cole - BlackboardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Justin - BlackboardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   PennyGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Russell - BlackboardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Tolkien/Commissioned Art   Healing of Eowyn - Black BoardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Princess Leia - Black BoardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Machete MikeGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2000
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   Sweet and Sexy - Black BoardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2000
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Adam and sons - BlackboardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2000
Tolkien/Commissioned Art   Battle of the Peak - Black Board Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2000
Tolkien/Commissioned Art   Gandalf - Black BoardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Tarzan Rescues Jane - BlackboardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Justin Blackboard Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Matt and Alexis WeddingGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2500
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Russel BlackboardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2500
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   MODOKGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$2800
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Dark Phoenix - Black Board Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$3000
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Alexa and Doug - Wedding DayGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$3000
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Kitchin Family Black Board CommissionGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$3000
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Snow RanchGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$3500
Star Wars/Commissioned Art   Stormtrooper 501 - Black BoardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$3500
Tolkien/Commissioned Art   The Silmarillion Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$3500
Disney/Commissioned Art   Ariel Football Fan CommissionHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$150
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Cherri CreeperHolly GolightlyPaintings - Watercolor$300
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Seduction color compGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Watercolor$400
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Bam BamGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1000
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Luke, Shih Zuh puppyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$2500
Tolkien/Commissioned Art   The Stone King of ArgonathGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Clothing/Commissioned Art   Lewis Air Legends - Glacier Girl - JacketGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   White Queen CommissionGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   King KongGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   New Orleans Nightlife CommissionGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Portraits/Commissioned Art   AMBER - Make-a-Wish FairyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Portraits/Commissioned Art   DylanGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Portraits/Commissioned Art   FrancescaGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Tolkien/Commissioned Art   GaladrielGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Star Wars/Commissioned Art   Jabba the Hutt and Slave Leia Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Classic Cars/Commissioned Art   Denny BuzzardGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$7000
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Lady DeathGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   Magnus, Robot FighterGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Entertainment/Commissioned Art   Beethoven/The Muse commissionGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Godzilla vs TiametGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   RhiannonGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   WizardGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Photorealism/Commissioned Art   Lake Hopatcong - Endless BeautyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   Bombs Away!Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   Close ShaveGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Jean the VampiressGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Serpent's GlenGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   There Can Be Only OneGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   Marilyn on BlueGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Star Wars/Commissioned Art   Vader Death-maskGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$15000
Personal Art/Commissioned Art   Somewhere in TimeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$18500
Fantasy/Commissioned Art   Three Dog KnightGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Marvel/Commissioned Art   McDonalds X-menBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Personal Art/Commissioned Art   Flaming June - After Lord Frederick LeightonGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Personal Art/Commissioned Art   Lake House CommissionGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   You Light Up My LifeGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   Car - HopGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Tolkien/Commissioned Art   Ring of the Elf QueenGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Pinup Art/Commissioned Art   L'amourGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$30000
Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Commissioned Art   Jackson Guitar- DragonGreg Hildebrandt3D Art$5000
Comic Art/Commissioned Art   BlacksadGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$750
Portraits/Commissioned Art   Amanda and Jimmy - Black BoardGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$3000