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Gandalf - Black Board

Gandalf - Black Board, Greg Hildebrandt
Gandalf - Black Board

Greg Hildebrandt

Another beautiful Tolkien black board commission completed by Greg Hildebrandt. Greg and Tim originally worked on images that went into the full color Tolkien calendars in the 1970. Greg and Tim filled their paintings with intricate details, stunning lighting, and eye catching colors that drew fantasy lovers into the Tolkien world. Just as the Brothers Hildebrandt drew fans in in the 1970, Greg draws old and new fans in with this gorgeous black board.

The clothing is a character by itself. When Greg draws the clothing on characters, he pays attention to the weight of the fabric. In this case, we can tell that Gandalf’s cloak is heavy, sturdy, and made of thick material. The hat, is tall and keeps its shape as it sits upon Gandalf’s head. These details put together create the image of a strong and battle ready wizard. Even his sword and staff are ornate, but have a sturdy and weighted feel. The brick walls and stone ground are details that tell the viewer that Gandalf’s world is not warm and forgiving. Every bit of detail of a still scene counts and Greg certainly tells a story through the small details. It makes fans want to get to know and be a part of Gandalf’s world even more just from the small details.

Created September 2017

Mixed Medium

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt