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The Thing - Black Board

The Thing - Black Board, Greg Hildebrandt
The Thing - Black Board

Greg Hildebrandt

This FANTASTIC black board was a piece Greg had completed as a commission for a Fantastic 4 Fan! Better yet a Thing Fan!

Classic orange skin, and bulky blocky form, Greg draws the Thing leaping into the air ready to fight crime! Before his days as a member of the Fantastic 4 this bulky and blocky hero had a tragic history. Grimm was born into poverty and growing up with his alcoholic father and the murder of his beloved brother. Benjamin Grimm took a path of violence as the leader of the Yancy Street Gang. He was later adopted by his Uncle Jake after Grimmís parents died. Grimm leaving the poverty and crime behind became the star football player in college. He later met Reed Richards in college who became his closest friend and soon to be teammate as a part of the Fantastic 4 after being exposed to ultra high levels of cosmic radiation. This triggered mutagenic changes in their body and ultimately changed Grimm into the hulking orange hero fans adore today.

Greg loves to draw heroes in dynamic fun poses. The very dark background and minimal color in the city and back lighting help The Thing be the star of the show in this piece. The rocky texture Greg carefully rendered and painted using multiple tools such as paint and colored pencils. It gives it a more three dimensional and rough feel to the character.

Created November 2017

Mixed Medium

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt