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Creature From the Black Lagoon - Commission

Creature From the Black Lagoon - Commission , Greg Hildebrandt
Creature From the Black Lagoon - Commission

Greg Hildebrandt
18 X 24

This is a final and finished image Greg had been commissioned to draw. Rendered in black and white pencil, this commission has the classic 1950’s film feel to it. Greg sketches Kay and the creature beautifully. Kay relaxed swimming peacefully and the creature emerging out of the dark ominous lagoon. Keeping and building suspense as we wait for chaos and horror to break as the creature approaches his victim. Greg adds soft some light peaking through the ocean adding mood and drama to the scene.

The Creature from the black Lagoon, the famous black and white 3-D horror film that swept audiences near and far off their feet ocean deep into the Creatures home and story! A story of science history and fiction collide in this epic film. When Scientist go looking for answers about this mysterious creature’s fossil they found, they discover the creature still roams the seas known as the “Black Lagoon”. Myth and legend tell that those who enter the lagoon do not return. Still hungry for answers the scientists venture into the Lagoon. Unknowingly the creature lurks behind them. The Creature is also entranced by one of women named Kay. He follows Kay down the Lagoon and abducts her. This scene and leading up to it is the classic moment as the Creature grabs at Kay with his claws and brings her down to his cave.

Created January 2016

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt

Pencil on Paper