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Entertainment/ClothingTSO The Christmas Attic 2014 - Triangle Design T-Shirt - Extra Large Greg HildebrandtT-shirts$30
Entertainment/Advertisement ArtHockey adGreg HildebrandtInks - BW$200
Entertainment/EntertainmentTinkerbell Lamp DesignGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$38
Entertainment/Book CoverBlood Red Moon cover sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$40
Entertainment/Poster ArtCivilization IV Poster Sketch Ghengis KhanGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Entertainment/WrestlingStone Cold 5Keith GarlettsPencils - BW$50
Entertainment/Advertisement ArtJeep Ad pencilsGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$56
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 4Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$83
Entertainment/WrestlingStone Cold 4Keith GarlettsPencils - BW$95
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 17Mark RomanoskiPencils - BW$95
Entertainment/WrestlingStone Cold 3Keith GarlettsPencils - BW$110
Entertainment/WrestlingStone ColdMark RomanoskiPencils - BW$113
Entertainment/WrestlingThe RockMark RomanoskiPencils - BW$113
Entertainment/WrestlingStone Cold 2Keith GarlettsPencils - BW$125
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF3Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$155
Entertainment/WrestlingStone Cold 1Keith GarlettsPencils - BW$175
Entertainment/WrestlingTriple HMark RomanoskiPencils - BW$175
Entertainment/WrestlingUndertakerMark RomanoskiPencils - BW$175
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 22Mark RomanoskiPencils - BW$175
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 24Mark RomanoskiPencils - BW$175
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 20Mark RomanoskiPencils - BW$185
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 23Mark RomanoskiPencils - BW$185
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 21Mark RomanoskiPencils - BW$195
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 5Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$200
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 18Mark RomanoskiPencils - BW$220
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 19Mark RomanoskiPencils - BW$220
Entertainment/Advertisement ArtDr Pepper AdGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$225
Entertainment/King KongKurious Kong #2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$300
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 6Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$300
Entertainment/Advertisement ArtCable AdGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$350
Entertainment/Gallery PieceBogartMark RomanoskiPencils - BW$450
Entertainment/CelebritiesMichael Jackson - concept sketch #2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$1500
Entertainment/CelebritiesMichael Jackson - Peter Pan concept sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$1500
Entertainment/FantasyTotentanzGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$1500
Entertainment/Book CoverClive DavisBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$2000
Entertainment/WrestlingWWF 25Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$125
Entertainment/Pre-Production ArtAsp & The ClawBrothers HildebrandtMixed Medium$250
Entertainment/Advertisement ArtCoca-Cola Advertisement Sketch and CompGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$350
Entertainment/CelebritiesMichael Jackson - concept sketch #1Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$1500
Entertainment/CelebritiesWhoopiKeith GarlettsPaintings - Acrylic$225
Entertainment/EntertainmentCreature from the Black Lagoon - Creature BaitTom SmithPaintings - Acrylic$800
Entertainment/WrestlingUndertaker and Stone Cold compGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$800
Entertainment/Pre-Production ArtThe Spirit - Pre-Production Art #2Brothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$1800
Entertainment/Pre-Production ArtThe Spirit - Pre-Production Art #3Brothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$2000
Entertainment/FantasyQEDGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Entertainment/Pre-Production ArtThe Spirit - Pre-Production Art #1Brothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$3000
Entertainment/WrestlingThe RockMark RomanoskiPaintings - Acrylic$3500
Entertainment/WrestlingStone Cold The Skulls BattleMark RomanoskiPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Entertainment/WrestlingStone Cold vs the UndertakerGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Entertainment/Book CoverClive DavisBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Entertainment/CelebritiesMichael JacksonGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$25000
Entertainment/EntertainmentChuck Liddel the IcemanMark RomanoskiPaintings - Oil$800
Entertainment/Entertainment   CASPER the MOVIE! Story & sticker bookMisc.Books$25
Entertainment/Clothing   TSO Phoenix Rising 2011 Tour t-shirt - largeGreg HildebrandtT-shirts$30
Entertainment/Lord of the Rings   Minstrels Of The WoodeBrothers Hildebrandt3D Art$10
Entertainment/Lord of the Rings   Rick Wakeman - Songs Of Middle EarthBrothers Hildebrandt3D Art$10
Entertainment/Gallery Piece   ChickKeith GarlettsInks - BW$150
Entertainment/Advertisement Art   Jeep Ad inksGreg HildebrandtInks - BW$225
Entertainment/Wrestling   WWF 1Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$35
Entertainment/Wrestling   WWF 2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$110
Entertainment/Classic   Sherlock HolmesGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$250
Entertainment/Commissioned Art   Creature From the Black Lagoon - Commission Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Entertainment/Pre-Production Art   Animal Crackers Poster - SketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Entertainment/Entertainment   King Features Syndicate: Betty BoopTim Hildebrandt and Shamus CulhanePaintings - Acrylic$675
Entertainment/pinup art   Keep A Breast Foundation Auction PieceGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$2500
Entertainment/Product Art   DiplomacyGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Entertainment/Wizard of OZ   Certificate Of DeathGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$5000
Entertainment/Heavy Metal   Avenging AngelGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$8000
Entertainment/Commissioned Art   Beethoven/The Muse commissionGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Entertainment/Poster Art   Lake Hopatcong Then and NowGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$16500
Entertainment/Fantasy   Esmerelda Greg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Entertainment/Book Interior   Ringling Brothers CircusGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$250