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What If? Creature from the Black Lagoon - Preliminary Sketch #1

What If? Creature from the Black Lagoon - Preliminary Sketch #1, Greg Hildebrandt
What If? Creature from the Black Lagoon - Preliminary Sketch #1

Greg Hildebrandt

“This is the beginning of a new series of paintings I just started. I am calling it ‘What If?’ That is to say, what if I was old enough as an illustrator when my favorite movies were made, and I was hired to paint the movie posters? Something I have always wondered!

This new series is a real turn on for me. I have so many favorite films, and I have always wanted to paint images from them. Now the time has come.

I chose to start this series with Creature From The Black Lagoon simply because I love this movie. This film premiered in Detroit in 1954, my home town, as a 3D movie. I remember sitting in the theatre in down town Detroit, with my brother Tim, wearing 3D glasses, on the edge of our seats.

Here I am, 65 years later, finally getting the time and the opportunity to paint my take of these fantastic vintage movie posters.

- Greg Hildebrandt

Creature from the Black Lagoon is the famous 1954 black and white 3-D horror film that swept audiences near and far off their feet, ocean deep, into the Creature’s home and story! A story of science, history, and fiction collide in this epic film. When scientists go looking for answers about a mysterious Creature’s fossil they found, they discover the creature still roams in an area known as the “Black Lagoon”. Myth and legend tell that those who enter the lagoon do not return. Still hungry for answers, the scientists venture into the Lagoon anyway, abandoning all caution. The creature, also called, “Gill-man,” kills several of the crew members on the expedition, and injures others. The Creature is also entranced by one of the scientists, a woman named, Kay. Eventually, he follows Kay down the Lagoon and abducts her.

This is a preliminary sketch Greg worked on before he started working on the final poster image!

In this composition, Greg sketched just the Creature. Greg captures emotion and feeling through the eyes of the Creature. He draws the Creatures eyes wide and curious. At the same time, the dark shadows that surround his eyes, are filled with mystery and loneliness.

Created April 2018

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt