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Pop Meets Rockwell – Eleven - Stranger Things

Pop Meets Rockwell – Eleven - Stranger Things , Mark Romanoski
Pop Meets Rockwell – Eleven - Stranger Things

Mark Romanoski

Mark Romanoski completed the next piece is his Rockwell inspired series. In this painting he painted the main heroin from the popular Netflix original series Stranger Things. In this painting Mark adds elements that Stranger Things fans all know and love. He included the millennium falcon, Eleven’s converse, her wig scattered about the room and her precious eggos. Mark creatively plays on the original composition of the Rockwell painting ___ and has the mirror reflecting the upside down. Not only does it reflect the upside down, but it reflects Elevens serious facial expression. In the background Mark paints the christmas lights that Joyce Byers uses to communicate with her beloved son in the upside down. This painting surely is an excellent and well thought out edition to Mark’s Rockwell inspired series.

Created 2018

Oil on Canvas

Signed by Mark Romanoski