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Car - Hop

Car - Hop, Greg Hildebrandt
Car - Hop

Greg Hildebrandt
45 x 58

This lovely painting is called ‘Car Hop’. It is # 101 in Greg’s exclusive American Beauties Series. Greg had worked on this painting at the 2017 Barrett Jackson Show in Scottsdale Arizona as well as at his private studio. Greg uses vibrant cool blues that play off of the red and warm tones in the skin tone, in the car, and in her work uniform. This painting is NOT yet finished. Greg is waiting for the client to send photo’s of himself so Greg can paint him in the car. We cannot wait to share the final painting with you!

Image Area 41" x 52"

Canvas size 45" x 58"

Created February 2017

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt

Acrylic on Canvas