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Vader Death-mask

Vader Death-mask, Greg Hildebrandt
Vader Death-mask

Greg Hildebrandt

We leap to the future after the great era of Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Skywalker. In the future of the Star Wars lore we are lead by heroes by the name of Rey, BB-8 and Fin. Who are challenged by a new villain Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren starred as the masked villain in the recent Star Wars movie The Force Awakes. In the movie we are introduced to the familiar desert planets and scenery from the past movies. We are also re- introduced to the iconic Vader Mask. Only this time…the mask isn’t what we remember it as.

This is the final image and massive painting Greg was commissioned to paint. No longer sharp and pristine the mask has lost its unique and dangerous shape. Damaged and worn over time and melted, this mask still stands as the icon for the Dark Side. Kylo Ren is ignited by this past leader and chooses a similar path. Greg beautifully renders the mask with cool-tone blues contrasted by warm reds in the shadows, adding depth. Greg adds highlights and pays attention to the shape and form of the mask with each brush stroke. Greg also uses a variety of hard, sharp, and clean edges that keep the mask’s solid form. He also utilizes soft feathered edges to give the painting and mask a worn over time look to it. With each stroke and dab of color Greg,once again, masterfully creates a strikingly beautiful and powerful painting.

Created February 2017

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt

Acrylic on Canvas