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Comic Art/Poster ArtBlackjack PosterBrothers HildebrandtPrints$15
Comic Art/Poster ArtPainKiller Jane PosterBrothers HildebrandtPrints$20
Prints and Posters/Poster ArtLake Hopatcong Then and Now - Photo Print - LargeGreg HildebrandtPrints$35
Prints and Posters/Poster ArtZorro PosterGreg HildebrandtPrints$50
Fantasy/Poster ArtThe CavernGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$125
Fantasy/Poster ArtAngel of the Gods #2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$250
Fantasy/Poster ArtWings of EvilGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$350
Fantasy/Poster ArtTrembleGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Fantasy/Poster ArtCave SenseGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$550
Fantasy/Poster ArtSeduction 2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$600
Pinup Art/Poster ArtVerkerke- ReflectionGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$800
Fantasy/Poster ArtCrammingBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$8000
Marvel/Poster ArtCaptain America vs Red SkullGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$28000
Marvel/Poster Art   Spiderman Window PosterBrothers HildebrandtPrints$35
Marvel/Poster Art   X-MenBrothers HildebrandtPrints$35
Marvel/Poster Art   X-Men 2099Brothers HildebrandtPrints$35
Marvel/Poster Art   Captain AmericaGreg HildebrandtPrints$35
Comic Art/Poster Art   Civilization IV - lithoGreg HildebrandtPrints$350
Marvel/Poster Art   ShaktiBrothers HildebrandtComic Art - Pencil$100
Marvel/Poster Art   KrystalinBrothers HildebrandtComic Art - Pencil$200
Marvel/Poster Art   X-Men posterBrothers HildebrandtComic Art - Pencil$250
Marvel/Poster Art   Wolverine & RogueBrothers HildebrandtComic Art - Pencil$375
Prints and Posters/Poster Art   GI Joe Poster sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$40
Entertainment/Poster Art   Civilization IV Poster Sketch Ghengis KhanGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$50
Fantasy/Poster Art   Sand's FlightGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$75
Prints and Posters/Poster Art   GI Joe Poster sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$75
Fantasy/Poster Art   The CherubGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$125
Fantasy/Poster Art   Silver FallsGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$150
Fantasy/Poster Art   The SecretGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$150
Pinup Art/Poster Art   SerpentGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$225
Fantasy/Poster Art   Unicorn Rendezvous -Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$250
Comic Art/Poster Art   The Smurfs - sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$300
Marvel/Poster Art   Rogue and Wolverine Door PosterBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$300
Fantasy/Poster Art   The Secret #2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$500
Classics/Poster Art   King KongBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$1800
Fantasy/Poster Art   Fire Bird CompGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$300
Pinup Art/Poster Art   Night and Day #2Greg HildebrandtMixed Medium$300
Fantasy/Poster Art   Sea Nymph In FlightGreg HildebrandtMixed Medium$600
Fantasy/Poster Art   Rendezvous color compGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Watercolor$500
Fantasy/Poster Art   Winged Messenger color compGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Watercolor$550
Fantasy/Poster Art   Monster MeetingGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$4500
Marvel/Poster Art   Spider-manBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Comic Art/Poster Art   The SmurfsGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6500
Marvel/Poster Art   Spider-ManGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$7000
Marvel/Poster Art   X-Men PosterBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$9000
Marvel/Poster Art   Rogue and WolverineBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Marvel/Poster Art   Gambit PosterGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$10000
Marvel/Poster Art   Marvel General PosterBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$16000
Entertainment/Poster Art   Lake Hopatcong Then and NowGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$16500
Fantasy/Poster Art   Civilization IV Poster PaintingGreg HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$20000
Comic Art/Poster Art   GI-JoeBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Fantasy/Poster Art   Mutant WarriorBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000
Fantasy/Poster Art   She of the SwordBrothers HildebrandtPaintings - Acrylic$6000