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Civilization IV Poster Painting

Civilization IV Poster Painting, Greg Hildebrandt
Civilization IV Poster Painting

Greg Hildebrandt
33 x 41

Greg Hildebrandt was thrilled when 2K Games and Firaxis called him to create a poster for their new 2007 release of Civilization IV. This was a lot of fun and a challenge for Greg. He loved being able to cross over civilizations in a single painting. And he tried his best to put as many different light sources in the art as possible.

The result is this amazing painting of Catherine the Great's army fighting Genghis Kahn's army. I think Catherine is winning!

With over 6 million units sold and unprecedented critical acclaim from fans and press around the world, Sid Meier's Civilization is recognized as one of the greatest PC game franchises of all-time. Now, Sid Meier and Firaxis Games take this incredibly fun and addictive game to new heights. Civilization IV comes to life like never before in a beautifully detailed, living 3D world that elevates the gameplay experience to a whole new level.

Created May, 2007
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt