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Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis- Character SketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$150
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis RevengeGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$210
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis Bee CreatureGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$225
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis The Attack #2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$250
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis White BeastGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$275
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis - To The DeathGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$285
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis AttackGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$300
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis- The Great Sky TelescopeGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$300
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis Calandar Cover SketchBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$350
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis - The Quest #2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$350
Fantasy/AtlantisShadows Of AtlantisGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$350
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis White Beast #2Greg HildebrandtPencils - BW$400
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis - The HeroesGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$450
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis Black MenaceGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$450
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis On The HorizonGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$450
Fantasy/AtlantisTwo Shadows of AtlantisGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$450
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis Sea BattleGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$1000
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis concept sketchGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$1500
Fantasy/AtlantisAtlantis Lost ContinentGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$5000
Fantasy/Atlantis   Atlantis Concept LayoutBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$150
Fantasy/Atlantis   NivickBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$200
Fantasy/Atlantis   Atlantis - The QuestGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$325
Fantasy/Atlantis   Atlantis Preliminary LayoutBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$400
Fantasy/Atlantis   Atlantis - The SeerGreg HildebrandtPencils - BW$400
Fantasy/Atlantis   Atlantis Prelminary Cover LayoutBrothers HildebrandtPencils - BW$550