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Dream #1: The Crucifiers

Dream #1: The Crucifiers , Greg Hildebrandt
Dream #1: The Crucifiers

Greg Hildebrandt
61.75 X 48

Dark and brooding, the faceless ones relentlessly stalk the dreamer. The dreamer knows of only one thing. They are cloaked in the flesh of their victims.

After six years of making films on world hunger, I became acutely aware of the hypocrisy of the institutional church and the lies I was told growing up in that organization. The cover-up of the atrocities committed in the name of Christ. Out of this conflict came a series of horrific dreams I had over the next two years, which is the time immediately following my departure from religion. These dreams did not come from my feelings about leaving the Catholic faith. They came from the atrocities perpetrated by the church, in the name of religion, and the darkness of humanity disguised as Christianity.
Greg Hildebrandt
Perhaps best known as Mob Rules (the preliminary painting and version licensed to Black Sabbath), Dream #1: The Crucifiers has finally been realized after 48 years.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 61.75 X 48

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt