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Brain Transfer - 13 X 19 Photo Print

Brain Transfer - 13 X 19 Photo Print, Greg Hildebrandt
Brain Transfer - 13 X 19 Photo Print

Greg Hildebrandt
13 X 19

From the depraved mind of Greg Hildebrandt comes 'Brain Transfer', number 117 of his American Beauties pinup series.
In this piece, Greg pays homage to the over-the-top satirical nature of pulp magazines published in the 1930s and '40s. Hildebrandt, paying close attention to the mechanics of the maniacal machinery has rendered a device as dastardly as the heroine is gorgeous. What is in store for this lovely lass? Only the mad genius knows!!!

Medium: High Quality Photo Print.
Size: 13 X 19 inches (Paper Size, Image size may vary)

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.