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Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet #3

Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet #3, Greg Hildebrandt
Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet #3

Greg Hildebrandt
30.5 X 50


Marilyn Monroe has long been the iconic pin-up model, sex symbol, actress, and legend on a global scale. In this beautifully rendered homage painting, Greg Hildebrandt has interpreted one of the photos from Tom Kelley’s infamous Red Velvet series, which appeared in the first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953. Greg has always regarded Monroe as the ultimate pin-up. Her alluring and enigmatic presence has captivated audiences for generations. There is nothing more exquisite than an expertly crafted painting of this mesmerizing woman in all of her youth and glamour.

Acrylic on Canvas
Image Size: 30.5" X 50"
Created in June 2019

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt