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Swamp Thing Sketch 1

Swamp Thing Sketch 1, Greg Hildebrandt
Swamp Thing Sketch 1

Greg Hildebrandt
12 x 18


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Swamp Thing is a guardian of nature, a vengeful man, and a character of tragedy. First appearing in DC's "House of Secrets" issue #92 (July 1971), he was first illustrated by comic book legend, Bernie Wrightson. Greg is a fan of Wrightson's work, but also deeply loved the nature of the character being so unusual and monstrous. It is always fun for an artist to go a little wild with their art!

In 2018, the Spiderweb Art team returned to New York Comic Con for their second year in a row! To celebrate this, they decided to work with Greg Hildebrandt to create custom pieces of art that would be available for customers to win at the show! This is one of the sketches that Greg created while figuring out exactly what he wanted to draw for the final piece.

Pencil on artist paper.
Created in October 2018.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.

IMAGE AREA: 12"x18"