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The Doody Brothers – Giclée

The Doody Brothers – Giclée, Greg Hildebrandt
The Doody Brothers – Giclée

Greg Hildebrandt
26 x 21

This striking piece was completed by Greg in January 2014. For years he tried to find the time to start a series of paintings that are of his collectibles, and now he has! This adorable duo, a doll and a puppet of the beloved character Howdy Doody, was captured in a moment when the light of the setting sun hit them at just the right angle! As soon as Greg saw them lit that way, he had to paint them, and now the finished piece is here for your viewing pleasure.

Giclée reproductions are created by tiny jets spraying millions of droplets of oil-based printing ink onto a sheet of fine art paper. This spray of ink, more that 4 million droplets per second, whirls onto paper spinning on a drum at 250 inches per second. Hence the name giclée, French for "fine spray."

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26" wide and 21" tall.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
Created in January 2014.