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Pop Meets Rockwell – Dr. Strange the Pharmacist

Pop Meets Rockwell – Dr. Strange the Pharmacist, Mark Romanoski
Pop Meets Rockwell – Dr. Strange the Pharmacist

Mark Romanoski
24 x 36

This is another fantastic piece in Mark’s "Pop Meets Rockwell" series. He has taken Rockwell’s image from "The Saturday Evening Post" cover from March 18, 1939–"The Pharmacist"–and incorporated the Sorcerer Supreme into the mix.

Norman Rockwell is one of Mark Romanoski's great artistic inspirations. Rockwell became a successful illustrator at a very young age. By the time he was 22, Rockwell began painting for The Saturday Evening Post, one of the most widely circulated and influential magazines for the American middle class from its first publications in 1897 until the 1960's. Rockwell would continue to paint for The Saturday Evening Post for over 45 years (1916-1963), producing a total of 322 covers for the magazine, which is still in circulation today.

Mark Romanoski is reimagining the incredible works of Norman Rockwell in a way that brings current pop culture together with powerful, iconic paintings from the mid 1900's. He pays homage to his favorite artist and his favorite comic book characters!

24” X 36”
Oils on Canvas
FRAMED SIZE: 28" x 40"

Signed by Mark Romanoski.
Created in September 2018.