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Captain America Comic Sketch Cover: NYCC Special

Captain America Comic Sketch Cover: NYCC Special, Greg Hildebrandt
Captain America Comic Sketch Cover: NYCC Special

Greg Hildebrandt
6.5 x 10

For the first time ever, Greg Hildebrandt will be doing a NYCC Sketch Cover Promotion!!! This is a pre-order special that you will only be able to pick up at his booth during NYCC. Greg will be doing 20 sketch covers from some of the biggest characters in comics today. The available covers will include 4 issues of Amazing Spider-man, 4 issues of Captain America, 4 issues of Superman, 4 issues of Dark Knight 3 and 4 issues of Catwoman. Each cover will have a full figure of the titled character done in ink by Greg Hildebrandt.
Sketch covers of this quality, by Greg, usually cost $300 or more, but for this special he is offering them to you for just $200! This listing is for Captain America #1. The image supplied is a sample of what the cover will look like, keep in mind that yours may look slightly different seeing as each of them are a one of a kind. Greg will not be taking any special requests for these covers. These pieces need to be pre-purchased and picked up at the booth during NYCC.

6.5 x 10
Ink on Comic Cover
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt