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Xenya - Comic Book Interior - Issue #1 - Page #27

Xenya - Comic Book Interior - Issue #1 - Page #27, Brothers Hildebrandt
Xenya - Comic Book Interior - Issue #1 - Page #27

Brothers Hildebrandt

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt beautifully rendered and brought this Xenya page to life. Greg and Tim not only rendered the figures with care, but they rendered every scene and background with precision and detail. Each and every pencil mark on the page indicates a texture, a form, and a light source. They use broken lines to indicate distance and to give the illusion of depth. The Brothers Hildebrandt bring a fantasy to reality!

This is Page #27 in Xenya Issue #1 published by Sanctuary Press

Xenya is a supernatural entity who can be summoned to right wrongs or grant wishes to those who go through the proper rituals to summon her, mostly women. The Xenya comic tells a variety of stories about her from different time periods and places in history. She is just as likely to appear to aid a witch being burnt in medieval Europe, help a modern pagan find her place in life, or to aid Amazons in ruling their land.

Interestingly, Xenya is close in name and character design to TVís Xena, the Warrior Princess. The similarity seems to be a coincidence, as Xena started filming in January 1995 and Xenya #1 was published in April 1994.

Pencils by Brothers Hildebrandt.
Graphite on bristol paper (comic book board).
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt ONLY.