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Ming and Dale Arden Sketch - Final Sketch

Ming and Dale Arden Sketch - Final Sketch, Greg Hildebrandt
Ming and Dale Arden Sketch - Final Sketch

Greg Hildebrandt

This sketch is the final sketch for the black board of Ming and Dale Arden by Greg Hildebrandt.

Ming the Merciless, first appeared in the Flash Gordon comic strip in 1934. He was an evil Emperor on a fictional planet called Mongo where he ruled with many science fiction gadgets and an evil mind.†

He uses his evil mind and magic tricks to attempt to marry Flash Gordonís one true love Dale Arden. Dale Arden the beautiful heroine, is a woman who can take charge of her own life and can manage on her own along side Flash Gordon.†

In this drawing, Ming once again attempts to seduce Dale, but Dale chooses not to fear or give in to the Evil Mingís desires.†

Gregís sketches and preliminary art are parts and pieces of the final black boards and paintings Greg continues to work on. The sketches give an idea of the mood of the final piece. This final sketch is created once Greg has posed the models, and brings a new level of accuracy and detail to the piece.

Created February 2018
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt
Pencil on drawing paper.