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2017 TSO Fate and Elements - T-Shirt - Large

2017 TSO Fate and Elements - T-Shirt - Large, Greg Hildebrandt
2017 TSO Fate and Elements - T-Shirt - Large

Greg Hildebrandt

These are some of the symbols and representations that Paul most loved when telling his stories. Behind every piece of music and every note, there was intention. Paul O’Neill wanted greatly to bring love and positivity to this world, and he succeeded every year. Paul always believed in his heart, that no matter what, the Phoenix will always rise from the ashes.

We know as music fans it’s important to have your favorite tour shirts for your collection. Get your tour dates on the back and your favorite art on the front! Wear it proud, because TSO fans are some of the best on the planet!

Created in 2017.
Signed by the artist, Greg Hildebrandt.

Only available signed on our gallery!