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Pop Meets Rockwell – Puttin' and Puddin'

Pop Meets Rockwell – Puttin
Pop Meets Rockwell – Puttin' and Puddin'

Mark Romanoski

Crazy in love, or just plain crazy? This couple is Gotham’s most wanted, and quite possibly your most wanted, too! Even in a vintage style that is all about subtlety and grace, the Joker and Harley Quinn manage to look menacing and mischievous!

Mark Romanoski expertly painted this destructive duo using inspiration from Norman Rockwell’s cover painting for the September 5, 1931 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, an American magazine that has been in publication since 1821!

Mark Romanoski not only pays close attention to the posing of the original painting but he adds fun details that represent the characters in the painting. For example instead of the traditional croquet ball and mallet, Mark replaces the Joker’s mallet with a crowbar and Harley Quinn’s smaller mallet for her signature hammer. The croquet balls are then playfully swapped out for bombs with smily faces on them, representing the sick, duo’s sense of humor. Mark goes even further and dresses the characters in the traditional outfit from the original Rockwell painting, but with Harley Quinn’s red, black , and white costume colors and the joker’s green and purple colors. Mark merges Rockwell and comic art together bringing fans a fun and playful piece.

Image Area: 30" x 38.5"
Framed Image: 33.5" x 42"