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The Riddler

The Riddler , Mark Romanoski
The Riddler

Mark Romanoski

Green suit, bowler hat, and question mark prints. This masked villain is known for his love and obsession with riddles, puzzles, and word-games. At his day job, he is also known for his enthusiasm at cheating his customers out of their money with his riddles. Quite the fella! But the Riddler was becoming bored with his easy wins over the average person. He needed someone challenging, someone who could riddle back the riddler! That someone is Batman. In the three-part Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight story "The Primal Riddler", Batman fell into one of the Riddlers most sophisticated and deadliest traps. With not many options for survival, Batman somehow manages his way out, thus riddling the riddler!

Mark Romanoski beautifully paints this calculated villain with the vibrant and complex colors ad shapes to match the Riddler's mad mind! In this painting inspired by, Normal Rockwell's painting titled "the Connoisseur", the Riddler adds his own twist and riddle to a classic and iconic piece. Mark paints the villian standing calm, cool, and collected ready to plan and execute his next crime and riddle!

Created September 2017

Framed size:

Oil on canvas

Signed by Mark Romanoski