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DC Team, Greg Hildebrandt
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Greg Hildebrandt

Greg loves his super heroes! Whenever he gets the chance to sketch comic book characters he always has a blast doing so! Superheroes are dynamic, complex and have bright and bold costumes that represent a part of who they are. Greg truly enjoys getting to know each character and each of their costumes. In this piece Greg drew it all! He drew characters with capes, wings, and armor. He became familiar with the subtleties and differences between each costume. Hey pays attention to how Superman’s Kryptonian cape flies wildly in the wind and how Batman’s cape stays close to his figure protecting and concealing the dark vigilantie. Greg also gets to know each of the characters even further by giving each character a different pose or stance. Wonder Woman ready to jump into action with her lasso in hand! Martian Man Hunter waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, and the Flash ready to leap into the center of action! This piece is jam packed with fun and heroic characters!

Created 1990
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt
Pencil on Tracing Paper
SIZE: 19.5”x13”