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The Shadow - Blackboard concept

The Shadow - Blackboard concept, Greg Hildebrandt
The Shadow - Blackboard concept

Greg Hildebrandt
18 x 24


This item has been selected for the Hakes March 2018 Auction. As part of this special selection, items will be listed on the Hakes website for bidding, providing a unique opportunity for buyers to collect Hildebrandt art in a new venue via bidding . These pieces will only be available for purchase through Hakes until the auction has ended.

Pieces in the Hakes Auction will be on display via the Hakes website. Bidding dates are TBA.

The Shadow, a character who first appeared in 1930’s pulp novels quickly became one of the most famous heroes of his time. Originally starting out as a narrator of the Street and Smith radio program “Detective Story Hour”, the Shadow quickly became the star of the next in demand detective magazine.

The Shadow’s signature character design, was a wide-brimmed black hat and large red lined coat disguising the bottom half of his face. He appeared through out comics in multiple forms such as comic books, comic strips, and movies. Now Greg will be drawing the Shadow for the first time ever as a Black Board! Before Greg even begins working on board he does multiple sketches to work on composition and dynamic action poses to create an interesting and exciting drawing! This is one of the many sketches Greg worked on. These sketches are interesting to see because they give you a sneak peek at how Greg begins a masterful piece of art.

Created July 2017
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt
Pencil on paper