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Deadpool , Mark Romanoski

Mark Romanoski


Most recently Wade Wilson starred as Deadpool in the 2016 Marvel movie. It was a smash hit and a laugh out loud good time with a side dish of action and plot twists.

The punch line of it all begins and ends with a “BANG!” as Deadpool punches through the comic book cover and into reality!
This is another fun painting by Mark Romanoski. He Paints Deadpool“breaking” the fourth wall. Mark uses a two different styles to pull this painting together.Classic comic rendering, and realistic rendering. The thick dark holding lines for Deadpool’s figure, and graphic rendering reflect a classic comic book look.In contrast, Mark then pays attention to the careful detail to the rendering of the hand and the specific mechanics of the gun. This gives the idea that the hand is no loner part of the comic book, but part of our world and reality!

Created July 2017

Mixed Medium:
Acrylic and gouache on board

Image area: 13.5”x21”
Framed: 18” X 25.75”

Signed by Mark Romanoski