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Daredevil V Kingpin - Final Sketch

Daredevil V Kingpin - Final Sketch, Greg Hildebrandt
Daredevil V Kingpin - Final Sketch

Greg Hildebrandt

Daredevil and Kingpinís relationship goes back to the era of Frank Miller and Klaus Jansonís dark noir storytelling. By adding Wilson Fisk, as the imposing and intellectual villain, to the story he further pushed and tested Daredevilís morals and beliefs into the depths of Hellís Kitchen. Thus, fascinating readers with this dark toned story.

This is the final sketch for the next painting Greg is working on. for Marvelís Variant Cover. Daredevil V Kingpin! It is set in an alleyway of the infamous Hellís Kitchen. In the sketch, Kingpin strikes the masked hero down into the ground. This leaves viewers at the edge of their seats!

Everyone knows Daredevil can take a punchÖbutÖhow many? For how long? was this the beginning or the end of the fight? Greg captures an instant. A moment in time. Will our hero rise? Or will he fall deeper into the dark alley of Kingpin and Hellís Kitchen?

Created May 2017

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt