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Deadpool v Punisher

Deadpool v Punisher, Greg Hildebrandt
Deadpool v Punisher

Greg Hildebrandt


Two of Marvelís most famous anti-heroes clash! Deadpool versus Punisher! A little bit of action and a little bit of sass makes these two characters fun and exciting to see in action. Both Deadpool and Punisher have made their mark on movie goers and comic book fans throughout comic book history. Most recently Wade Wilson starred as Deadpool in the 2016 Marvel movie. It was a smash hit and a laugh out loud good time with a side dish of action and plot twists. Punisher also co-starred in the Netflix original series Daredevil. In the series and throughout comics, Punisher is the guy who has been hurt and beaten up by life and by tragedy. However, he does not play the victim. He takes action and hunts those who have wronged him. Similar but different these two solve problems with guns. Who will be the first to run out of bullets? Deadpool or Punisher?

Greg is truly excited to be working on the next variant cover for Deadpool versus Punisher. Before Greg even begins his painting he takes multiple steps into planning how his painting is going to evolve. Greg is always looking for new and exciting ways to create a sense of dynamic motion in each of his sketches. After he plans, sketches, and composes his piece, he begins to paint. Greg adds bold colors and uses lighting as his tool to create an explosive and action packed piece. He uses reds, yellows, oranges, and purples to add depth and to unify the colors through out the piece.Greg also uses other dark paints to give his darkest colors a range in value.

Created February 2017

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt

Acrylic on Canvas