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Desert Flower

Desert Flower, Greg Hildebrandt
Desert Flower

Greg Hildebrandt

Greg invites us not just to admire, but to experience the painting. Desert Flower is another beautiful painting that exemplifies Greg’s versatility and understanding in lighting, the human figure, and animals. As the painter he guides us to pay attention to the subtle details. He pays special attention to the variety of textures such as the fabric of the jeans, the warm knitted sweater and the prickly cactus. With each texture, the painting comes to life. Every decision from the lighting, to the subtle weight and gravity in the slack of the reigns, is made with confidence. Greg lets no detail pass with out proper understanding of how things function. Ultimately with his understanding he plays with the rules and bends them to make a unique painting each and every time.

Created January 2017

Signed By Greg Hildebrandt

Acrylic on Canvas