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TSO 2016 - Dreams of Fireflies - Painting B

TSO 2016 - Dreams of Fireflies - Painting B, Greg Hildebrandt
TSO 2016 - Dreams of Fireflies - Painting B

Greg Hildebrandt

This is the second of 4 paintings.

“Dreams of Fireflies” is a short story written by Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder and composer, Paul O’Neill. The story, like many TSO stories, centers around the themes of transformation and hope. An elderly man in an inner city is bullied by a gang, a young girl is nearly killed because of gang violence, and a neighborhood is transformed by perseverance, hope, and happiness. Paul works very hard to send a positive message into the world every time he tells a story.

Greg Hildebrandt has been a TSO fan for many years. When he works with Paul O’Neill, Greg creates powerful imagery that tugs at your heart strings, beckoning you to read more of Paul’s story, and leaving you with an impression that only a Hildebrandt painting can create.

These four paintings were featured in the TSO 2016 Winter Tour Program alongside Paul’s short story.

Created in September 2016.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
FRAMED SIZE: 18" x 22"