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2016 TS0 - Night Castle - T-Shirt - Large

2016 TS0 - Night Castle - T-Shirt - Large, Greg Hildebrandt
2016 TS0 - Night Castle - T-Shirt - Large

Greg Hildebrandt

“Night Castle” is an incredible TSO album. The castle itself is full of history and lore, and it also the location of the Labyrinth in the album title, “Letters from the Labyrinth.” The castle is an iconic TSO image. Painted almost entirely in shades of blue, there is one small light shining out of a window in a high tower. TSO fans are well aware that there is magic within the walls of that castle and music lingering in the air!

We know as music fans it’s important to have your album shirts for your collection. Wear it proud, because you look like a rock star!

Created in 2016.
Signed by the artist, Greg Hildebrandt.
Only available signed on our gallery!