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2016 TSO Winter Tour - T-Shirt - Large

2016 TSO Winter Tour - T-Shirt - Large, Greg Hildebrandt
2016 TSO Winter Tour - T-Shirt - Large

Greg Hildebrandt

What is a Winter Tour without the image that represents it? Every year TSO and Greg Hildebrandt rock our worlds with a fantastic new Winter Tour Program Cover art. In 2016, the theme was all about the theatre! There is a mysticism surrounding the story of “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve.” An abandoned theatre, a runaway, and a magic that warms and entices us. Greg captures the wonder of the abandoned theatre, making us curious to know what is coming from inside!

We know as music fans it’s important to have your favorite tour shirts for your collection. Get your tour dates on the back and your favorite art on the front! Wear it proud, because you look awesome!

Created in 2016.
Signed by the artist, Greg Hildebrandt.
Only available signed on our gallery!