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Spider-Man vs. Venom and Carnage

Spider-Man vs. Venom and Carnage, Greg Hildebrandt
Spider-Man vs. Venom and Carnage

Greg Hildebrandt

Spider-Man faces off against two of his greatest enemies, Carnage and Venom! Both of these Symbiotes are long time villains in the Marvel Universe, and both of them have unique pasts. Venom was once bonded with Spider-Man and left him to find new hosts, and Carnage, the offspring of the Venom Symbiote, was bonded with the psychopath Cletus Kasady! Carnage is the ultimate menace, and Venom is no fan of either of them. Any time these three come together, you can expect one heck of a fight!

This painting was done for Upper Deck as part of a 2017 Spider-Man trading card set. The painting will be printed as three separate cards. Collect all three to complete the image!

Acrylic on canvas.
Created in October 2016.
Published by Upper Deck.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.

FRAMED SIZE: 50.5" x 25.5"