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Funko Pop Captain America v Hitler-Sketch

Funko Pop Captain America v Hitler-Sketch, Greg Hildebrandt
Funko Pop Captain America v Hitler-Sketch

Greg Hildebrandt

A sketch for Funko Pop packed with a punch of action as Captain America, once again, saves the day from Nazis and Hydra agents. Greg has always loved Captain America. Perhaps more than any other comic book hero! Captain America otherwise know as Steve Rogers during the Second World War was given a shot of super soldier serum. This experimental shot turned him into a star spangled hero with a heart of gold and a shield of steel. Captain America would later on become one of Marvel's most iconic leaders and heroes. Greg sketches Captain America delivering a solid punch to the evil Nazi Hitler. This sketch is part of the collection of sketches done by Greg for the Operation ReDorbz project with Funko Pop!

by Greg Hildebrandt. Created July 2016.