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Batman Lighting Study #3

Batman Lighting Study #3, Greg Hildebrandt
Batman Lighting Study #3

Greg Hildebrandt

Moody, dark and full of secrets, Greg sketches Batman with hardened features. Nose wrinked, lips pulled back, teeth bared, eyes crunched, and his brow furrowed to create the vigilant man of Gotham. This is is a preliminary sketch for Greg's painting Against All odds. Even with a tragic origin story Batman relentlessly protects Gotham from any monsters, villains, or crazy clowns. Day after day night after night he fights his battles. The instant there is a cry for help, Bruce Wayne, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist disappears into the night as Batman.

Please note: The lineart ONLY for this drawing was photocopied by Greg from one of his sketches and used as the base. All shading was done by hand using pencil.

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt
Created May 2016