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Captain America v Hitler - 75th Anniversary - Sketch

Captain America v Hitler - 75th Anniversary - Sketch, Greg Hildebrandt
Captain America v Hitler - 75th Anniversary - Sketch

Greg Hildebrandt

The year 2016 was the 75th Anniversary year of the world's first super soldier and all American hero, Captain America! Also known as Steve Rogers, Captain America was a man who wanted nothing more than to serve his country. Though his service to his country started in WWII, a tragedy that left him frozen until modern times brought him to the present day. He is a dedicated patriot, a man of integrity, and champion of justice. Captain America stands for the common man-a true symbol of hope and freedom.

Greg has always loved Cap the most in the Marvel universe, and couldn't wait to get started on this homage painting. Because of the anniversary year, Greg went back in time to the early issues of Captain America, and drew inspiration from the cover of the first issue. The painting was so popular with fans and editors at Marvel that it was selected to be a variant cover for the 2016 release of Steve Rogers #1! Captain America vs. Hitler will be a part of Greg’s artistic journey that is remembered for years to come.

This is a preliminary sketch drawn for the painting. Sketches like this one are personal to the artist. They reveal the thoughts and process by which the artist creates. You can see erased and redrawn sections where Greg makes decisions and changes based on what works best for the piece. It is truly unique!

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
Created in March 2016.
Pencil on paper.