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Mad Love - the Joker - Final Sketch

Mad Love - the Joker - Final Sketch, Greg Hildebrandt
Mad Love - the Joker - Final Sketch

Greg Hildebrandt

After Greg poses his models and lights them, he will often do a more finished sketch of the characters before he transfers them onto his canvas. Sometimes they all end up together in one drawing, and sometimes, he will first draw them separately. This is a shading study of the Joker before Greg put together the final sketch.

'Mad Love' is the first painting Greg Hildebrandt has ever done featuring Harley Quinn and the Joker. He had an absolute blast painting the two of them, and as he loves to do, Greg put his own twist on the characters. Greg loved painting the Joker and Harley so much that he started a whole new series that stars both characters as the first two paintings! You could say he's a little mad for them!

Created by Greg in July 2015.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.