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Secret Wars - Cover

Secret Wars - Cover, Greg Hildebrandt
Secret Wars - Cover

Greg Hildebrandt

When Marvel comics approached Greg to do this cover he didnít know what to expect! He loved the opportunity to paint so many characters on one cover, and he did plenty of sketches to make it work! Greg knew without a doubt that he wanted to draw Captain America, a long time favorite of his. He also loves to draw a strong female, and Black Widow is undoubtedly strong and sexy! In the end this gorgeous painting featured Captain America vs. Taskmaster, Black Widow vs. Sabretooth, and Black Panther vs. Kraven the Hunter in an all out battle under the light of a full moon!

Donít know about Secret Wars?
Itís no secret that Secret Wars has been a smash hit in the comic book industry! In 2015, the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe are colliding and itís a battle to survive! With old characters coming back, and new story lines being formed there are unexpected twists and turns in every issue. Itís a story unlike anything Marvel has done before!

Sometimes, even the final sketch is not final. While working on the finished poses for the Taskmaster, Greg decided to make some last minute changes to the pose for this character, ultimately adding more life, and more action to the finished piece. This drawing was done on a separate piece of paper so Greg could use a lightbox to see the differences between the old pose and the new one.

You can see his final sketch here.

Created in September 2015.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.