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Marvel - Old Man Logan Cover - Final Sketch

Marvel - Old Man Logan Cover - Final Sketch, Greg Hildebrandt
Marvel - Old Man Logan Cover - Final Sketch

Greg Hildebrandt

When Marvel comics approached Greg to do this cover he had no idea what he was getting himself into! This painting was done for the cover of ‘Old Man Logan’, a title recently relaunched by Marvel because of the Secret Wars storyline. Greg was given the challenge of referring back to the original 8 issue story that was published from 2008-2009. He loved the post apocalyptic setting that was presented by this world, and the rough gritty look of the aged Wolverine!

This is the final sketch for the Old Man Logan cover painting. This sketch will be enlarged and then transferred to the canvas for Greg to do his finished painting. These drawings are often larger and more detailed than the previous drawings.

Who is Old Man Logan?
Old Man Logan was first released in 2008, and depicts a world where the villains have won the war! The setting is 50 years in the future, and the once fierce Wolverine has made a life for himself in a desert wasteland in California. Logan is faced with tragedy, despair, and violence, but despite the harsh and terrible reality the story creates, there is a tough of hope at the end. Now, Marvel is bringing Old Man Logan back through the story of Secret Wars!

It’s no secret that Secret Wars has been a smash hit in the comic book industry! In 2015, the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe are colliding and it’s a battle to survive! With old characters coming back, and new story lines being formed there are unexpected twists and turns in every issue. It’s a story unlike anything Marvel has done before!

You can see the final painting a href=‘'>here.

Created in September 2015.
Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.