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2015 TSO Winter Tour Program Cover

2015 TSO Winter Tour Program Cover, Greg Hildebrandt
2015 TSO Winter Tour Program Cover

Greg Hildebrandt

This painting was designed and created by Greg Hildebrandt in 2015 for the new Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour Program Cover.

A painting like this requires weeks of preparation and planning before Greg's brush ever touches the canvas. Part of this year's cover was also used as the album cover for Trans-Siberian Orchestra's new album, 'Letters from the Labyrinth'. Greg was so inspired by the idea for the album, that he actually designed and painted his own labyrinth! This was a massive undertaking for him, and Greg and Paul both discussed that the labyrinth is a part of Night Castle, again tying in old TSO stories with new ones. Some may even recognize the figure in the painting as, Erasmus, who has been featured in previous TSO paintings as well!

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.

Created in July 2015.