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Arthur Honors Guinevere

Arthur Honors Guinevere, Greg Hildebrandt
Arthur Honors Guinevere

Greg Hildebrandt

Arthur honors his beautiful bride with a toast that is shared by trusted friends and loved ones, including Merlin. This is a moment of love and celebration that can felt by all, including those who see this painting!

Mary Stuart's Merlin trilogy: 'The Crystal Cave', 'The Hollow Hills', and 'The Last Enchantment', were originally published from 1970-1979. Then, in 1980, they were released in one giant book, which is how Greg Hildebrandt became a part of this story. The publishers, William Morrow and Company, reached out to Greg to paint 14 pieces of art for a 1981 calendar that was based on the trilogy. At nearly 1,000 pages, it was a very difficult task for Greg to choose the 14 scenes he would illustrate. He had not read many of the Arthurian legends, but he felt that Lady Stewart's were clearly some of the best written, most magical depictions of King Arthur and his realm, and it was an honor for Greg to be chosen for such a project. As always, Greg tried to choose points in the story that would not be immediately recognizable from any film versions the world would know. For Greg, one of the greatest compliments of his career was a few months after the calendar was out in stories. He received a letter from Lady Mary Stewart, and she told him that he had brought her characters to life for her, and that, in fact, he was walking in her world. It is extremely difficult for an artist to ever please the original author. This was a very important moment for Greg Hildebrandt, and has motivated him for years since.

Spiderwebart Gallery is offering this painting on consignment from the owner.

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
Framed size: 30"x25"