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We Must Meet His Tricks with Other Tricks

We Must Meet His Tricks with Other Tricks, Greg Hildebrandt
We Must Meet His Tricks with Other Tricks

Greg Hildebrandt

The Sheriff of Nottingham and his daughter plot to capture Robin Hood and his men in the Greenwood. She tells him no need for force, but they must "meet his tricks with other tricks".

What boy doesn't love a good sword fight? So how could it not be that in 1989, Greg decided that 'Robin Hood' would be his next illustrated classic. His hunt for a first edition began with what he found were many first editions of this beloved tale by many different authors. The story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men was so loved by so many that it had been told and retold at least 20 times. Greg chose the 1904 edition, written by Walker McSpadden, to illustrate, because it was the closest of all the editions to the Eral Flynn movie that Greg loved. As with many of his other illustrated classics, Greg spent several months (at least 8) posing friends and family in costumes that he made to create his fight scenes and his love scenes.

"They buried him where his last arrow had fallen, and they set a stone to mark the spot. And on the stone were graven these words:
'Here underneath this little stone lies Robert, Earl of Huntingdon; never archer as he so good, and people called him Robin Hood. Such outlaws as he and his men will England never see again.' "

Because this classic was so dear to Greg's heart, he chose his son to pose as Robin, and Greg posed as Robin's father. In the end, McSpadden's tale of Robin's death shale break your heart, but lift your spirit.

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Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
Framed size: 20"x26"