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Sinbad Tells a Tale

Sinbad Tells a Tale, Greg Hildebrandt
Sinbad Tells a Tale

Greg Hildebrandt

In this beautiful painting by Greg Hildebrandt, Davy and the Goblin are mesmerized by Sindbad's, 'Tall Tale of the Sea'. Look closely at Sindbad's face! You might start to hear him whisper stories to you, too!

Though it is considered to be inspired by Lewis Carroll's writing, 'Davy in the Goblin' is a truly unique and fantastic fantasy story that specifically targets the imagination of boys. In this whimsical tale, Davy, who is approximately 8 years old, doesn't believe in fantasy and fairy tales. On a cold winter's night he falls asleep in front of a warm fireplace, and when we awakes, a little goblin is there to take him on the journey of a lifetime. In 1988, Greg Hildebrandt chose to illustrate this classic that had not been seen in publication in 103 years! Greg found an original first printing of this classic on a dusty bookshelf in the Strand Bookstore, in Manhattan, NY. The red and gold binding called to Greg, and while scanning the book he realized that this was actually a little boy's 'Alice in Wonderland'. Greg loves 'Alice in Wonderland', and he was very excited at the possibility of bringing this story to life with his illustrations. These illustrations gave Greg the opportunity to create images in multiple lands with an abundance of wild and whacky characters! Greg's enjoyment of this story included posing himself for Sham-Sham -- the famous soul survivor of the 40 Thieves!

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Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
Framed size: 20"x26"