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Ghost of Christmas Present

Ghost of Christmas Present, Greg Hildebrandt
Ghost of Christmas Present

Greg Hildebrandt

Well, this Ghost can certainly make an entrance! This scene is very full -- full of life and festivity -- but the part of this scene that truly catches the eye is the Ghost of Christmas Present and the utterly bewildered Scrooge. In order to create this scene, Greg's friends and family actually prepared each dish! A painting like this truly warms the heart, and entices the tastebuds!

Did you know that 'A Christmas Carol' was written AND published by Charles Dickens? The first edition of A Christmas Carol, was written and published by Charles Dickens in 1843. Dickens wrote this quickly--just 6 weeks, and the book was largely successful among critics and audiences. More importantly, it reached people's hearts. Not only is A Christmas Carol considered one of the greatest influences on rejuvenating the old Christmas traditions of England, it had a strong message of the power of love and generosity. A message like that is timeless, its impact felt forever in the hearts of those who would share it.

Greg loves film, and his favorite film version of this classic was the 1951 movie, 'Scrooge, featuring Alastair Sim. Since its initial release, not a Christmas has passed that Greg has not watched that film. It was his attachment to 'Scrooge' that got Greg interested in illustrating the 1983 publication of 'A Christmas Carol', which was published by Simon and Schuster. Greg's edition of 'A Christmas Carol' is filled with his family and friends who were thrown into wonderful costumes and posed for his characters in order to bring this story to life. A lot of fantastic memories were made while Greg shot photo after photo, and he worked tirelessly to bring those emotions to each and every painting for this story. 'A Christmas Carol' was the very first in a long series of beautifully illustrated classics by Greg Hildebrandt.

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Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.
Framed size: 21"x24"